Sambo Creek: El Regreso de La Llorona has won 1st place in the narrative feature film category from the United Latin Film Festival! 

Sambo Creek: El Regreso de La Llorona has been selected to premiere at the San Diego Latin Film Festival on Saturday, March 21, 2020.

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Sula Studios announced Saturday that its award-winning film ¿Y Los Tamales? will be re-released in theaters November 15 of this year.

“San Diego Latino Film Festival”

Monika at the ¿Y Los Tamales? screening for the 24th San Diego Latino Film Festival.

“United Latino Film Festival”

Screening ¿Y Los Tamales? at the
United Latino Film Festival 2017 in Cleveland, OH.

“Viva!” Latino Film Festival

Latest screening of ¿Y Los Tamales? At Viva! Latino Film Festival 2017 in NYC.

Representing Honduras at Viva! NYC

“Y Los Tamales?" in SoCal

The cast of ¿Y Los Tamales? had a blast at the San Diego Latino Film Festival in San Diego, CA. Sula Studios is honored to have its screenings sell out during the 2017 festival.